Cornice API for posts[source]

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We use post, not put, because we don’t know the id of the post[source]

Query interface on posts Filters have two forms: only_*, is for filters that cannot be reversed (ex: only_synthesis, only_orphan) is_*, is for filters that can be reversed (ex:is_unread=true returns only unread message, is_unread=false returns only read messages) order: can be chronological, reverse_chronological, popularity root_post_id: all posts below the one specified. family_post_id: all posts below the one specified, and all its ancestors. post_reply_to: replies to a given post root_idea_id: all posts associated with the given idea ids: explicit message ids. posted_after_date, posted_before_date: date selection (ISO format) post_author: filter by author keyword: use full-text search locale: restrict to locale[source]

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