Building a docker image

First the image itself:

docker build --tag idealoom docker

Then, create a my_docker.rc with the following content:

_extends = docker.rc
docker_idealoom_hosts = <public hostnames of your IdeaLoom processes>

Look at assembl/configs/docker.rc for other variables to override, notably mail servers. Stop postgres, redis and memcached locally. Decide whether you want to use an in-docker sentry or an external sentry server.

env PYTHONPATH=. idealoom-ini-files random -o docker_random.ini assembl/configs/docker.rc
rm docker/build/*

If doing this procedure for many containers, you’ll have to save assembl/configs/docker_random.ini in my_docker_random.ini and set random_file = my_docker_random.ini in assembl/configs/my_docker.rc.

If using Sentry in Docker:

fab -c assembl/configs/docker.rc docker_compose
docker-compose -f docker/build/docker-compose-stage1.yml up

Go to localhost:9000 to create a token for the admin user (username in assembl/configs/docker.rc, generated password in docker_random.ini). Make sure that token can administer projects (and organizations?). Add sentry_api_token = (the token) to your my_docker.rc.

Then stop the docker containers (Ctrl-C in the docker-compose window, or docker-compose -f docker/build/docker-compose-stage1.yml down in another)

If using an external Sentry:

Go to sentry to create a token for the admin user. Make sure that token can administer projects in your organization. Add sentry_api_token = (the token) to your my_docker.rc.

Whether or not using Sentry:

fab -c assembl/configs/my_docker.rc docker_compose
docker-compose -f docker/build/docker-compose.yml up

Your admin user for each assembl server will be admin@hostname. Use the password recovery process to set its initial password. (If you want to pshell instead, you can do it from docker exec -i -t build_idealoom1_1 bash.)

When developing the docker image, the build can be instructed to use a git repository different from the official develop branch with:

sudo docker build --build-arg GITREPO= --build-arg GITBRANCH=wip-docker --tag idealoom --no-cache docker

Signed-off-by: Marc-Antoine Parent <> Signed-off-by: Loic Dachary <>