How to perform common developper tasks

I want to:

Add a new model (frontend and backend)

See Development: Creating a new model class tutorial

Download a copy of a remote database to develop locally

fab -c assembl/configs/{config_of_remote_instance}.rc database_download
fab -c assembl/configs/develop.rc database_restore
# Make sure the database username and passwords in local.ini match the ones of the database you just downloaded
fab -c assembl/configs/develop.rc app_compile #(To make sure the database schema is up to date and restore.  You can also use app_compile_noupdate if you are in a hurry)
# Grab a coffee...
circusctl restart pserve

Run tests

Only the first time you run it:

sudo -u postgres createuser --createdb --no-createrole --no-superuser assembl_test --pwprompt  # Enter assembl_test as password at the prompt
PGPASSWORD=assembl_test createdb --host localhost -U assembl_test assembl_test
fab -c assembl/configs/testing.rc create_local_ini
idealoom-db-manage testing.ini bootstrap

Note that the fab -c assembl/configs/testing.rc create_local_ini command should be repeated whenever production.ini, assembl/configs/base_env.rc or assembl/configs/testing.ini changes.


circusd circusd.conf
#(wait for virtuoso to start)
py.test --cov assembl assembl

Typically when developping a specific test:

py.test assembl -s -k name_of_test --pdb

Python shell with database connection

pshell iloom:local.ini

Note: We recommend you install ipython with pip install ipython before you run pshell. You will get a much nicer interface

Raw sql connection

psql -U assembl -h localhost assembl