Analytics Events

All custom events that will currently be fired by IdeaLoom are defined in: ../../assembl/static/js/app/internal\_modules/analytics/abstract.js

Events in Piwik (and other Analytics software) are on a multi-axis spectrum. These axis are:

Category, Action, and Event Name

Often times, these axii are orthogonal to each other. As a result, events can be defined in multi-dimensional space. Do not let this concept bog you down, however. It simply means that analytic events simply have some luggage with them. That luggage is the contexts in which the event was fired. Within Piwik, each axis can be viewed in relation to 1 of the other axii. IdeaLoom has decided that these axis should convey a meaningful structure. This means that the context of an event should have value to the analytst who reads reports generated upon events being fired. IdeaLoom tries to simply this by defining the axis as follows:

  • Category: Which physical UI element did the event originate from? Typically

    corresponds to a specific view (ex: Idea Panel)

  • Action: From which high-level user process did the event originate from?


  • Event Name: Contexual event name. Name of the actual action.

    ex: NAVIGATE_TO_IDEA . To be interpreted with the Action and Category