assembl.models.announcement module

Announcements are similar to messages, but editable.

class assembl.models.announcement.Announcement(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: assembl.models.DiscussionBoundBase, assembl.lib.history_mixin.OriginMixin, assembl.lib.sqla.TimestampedMixin

Represents an announcement. Similar to a message, but editable, meant to be displayed on top of the messagelist for an idea.

classmethod get_discussion_conditions(discussion_id, alias_maker=None)[source]

Returns a list of SQLA expressions that constrain a query on this class to a given discussion.


Get the ID of an associated discussion object, if any.

class assembl.models.announcement.IdeaAnnouncement(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: assembl.models.announcement.Announcement

An announcement attached to an idea